How AI-Powered solutions are pioneering a new era for home warranty providers

Did you know that only about 25% of the houses sold in the US in 2020 had home warranty coverage?

So, why do the majority of homeowners NOT invest in a home warranty?

Review Home Warranties assessed 1,525 home warranty complaints to find the reason why homeowners were dissatisfied with their warranty providers. It found that around 50% of customers had experienced either poor communication or repair delays from their selected provider.

In recent times, there has been a trend of consolidation within the industry. As a result, synergies from scale and standardization of best practices and technology platforms have started to deliver more efficient processes and sophisticated customer experiences. As with many industries, technology has helped home warranty providers automate service operations and customer management processes delivering efficiencies such as reduction in turnaround time.

AI is ushering in a wave of change that will build upon these developments. By incorporating state-of-the-art solutions, home warranty providers now have the opportunity to transform customer interactions online and in the call center, speed up the repair process, and reduce warranty spend.

How is Technology Changing the Landscape for Home Warranty Providers?

The market for home warranty providers grew from $3.3 billion to $3.6 billion from 2020 to 2022. Maximizing a wide range of technology will be a key factor in sustaining current and accelerating future industry growth.

Here is a brief overview of how technology is driving the industry:

  1. Digital Platforms & Automation:
    • Efficient Claims Processing: Home warranty providers are now utilizing digital platforms to streamline claims processing. Customers can log in, submit a claim, and track their progress in real-time.
    • Automated Customer Support: Chatbots and AI-driven support systems can answer queries and troubleshoot issues around the clock, enhancing customer experience.
  2. IoT and Smart Home Integration:
    • Proactive Maintenance: Connected devices allow monitoring of home systems and appliances. They send alerts for maintenance needs before significant issues arise, potentially preventing costly repairs.
    • Seamless Integration: With smart home ecosystems like Google Home and Amazon Alexa, homeowners can be notified instantly if a warranty-covered item requires attention.
  3. Data Analytics:
    • Predictive Analysis: By analyzing data from claims, companies can predict when certain home systems or appliances are more likely to fail. This helps with proactive servicing.
    • Customer Insights: Analyzing customer feedback, behavior, and preferences can tailor warranty offerings to meet specific needs and enhance satisfaction.
  4. Mobile Applications:
    • Instant Access: Mobile apps allow homeowners to manage their warranty plans, file claims, schedule services, or even chat with a technician in real time from anywhere.
    • Notifications: Users can receive timely reminders for maintenance, updates on claim status, or alerts on warranty expiration.
  5. AI and Machine Learning:
    • Enhanced Triage: Advanced AI systems, like Bruviti’s Agent Assist, enable better troubleshooting and diagnosis, helping agents and homeowners identify issues faster and more accurately.
    • Parts Prediction: AI algorithms can predict which parts are more likely to fail and ensure technicians have them on hand, increasing the chance of repairs being completed on the first visit.

Of all technologies, AI is undoubtedly the one that will be a game changer for home warranty providers.

How Home Warranty Providers are Harnessing AI

Home warranty providers are on the cusp of an AI-driven transformation, which will impact traditional processes and enhance customer experiences.

By embracing AI, home warranty providers will be poised to offer more proactive, personalized, and efficient services, setting a new benchmark in customer-centricity. AI’s role in refining the landscape is only set to grow, making it an indispensable tool for future growth and competitive advantage.

A great example of the real-world impact that AI can deliver to providers of home warranties is Bruviti’s Home Repair AI solution. Deep diving into how this innovative solution works gives insight into how the remarkable potential of AI can be applied to transform the industry.

So, let’s dive right in…

Bruviti’s Home Repair AI

Navigating the New Frontier of Home Repairs

For many years, Bruviti has partnered with major home appliance and home system manufacturers, helping them apply the power of AI to accelerate successful resolutions and improve customer experiences. Bruviti’s AI platform covers a vast range of brands, equipment types, models, and parts specialized for the home market.

Today, Bruviti has extended its top-tier solutions to home warranty providers, empowering them to achieve unprecedented service standards while simultaneously cutting costs.

In a rapidly changing digital world, Bruviti’s Home Repair AI is a beacon for how to apply AI in modern-day home warranty and repair services. By seamlessly merging cutting-edge technology with practical solutions, Bruviti addresses challenges that have traditionally plagued the industry.

Here’s an overview of its transformative features:

Informed assistance, bespoke solutions

A Paradigm Shift in Problem Resolution: The era of agents struggling with manual searches and spending significant time to identify issues is now firmly behind us. Thanks to intelligent search algorithms, Bruviti solutions can equip agents with instantaneous information.

Decision Trees for Precision: In the realm of home repairs, one size doesn’t fit all. Through advanced decision trees, Bruviti offers customized solutions tailored to each unique problem, ensuring that agents don’t just provide a solution but the right solution every single time.

DIY for an improved experience

Empowering the Modern Customer: Today’s customers are more informed and hands-on than ever before. They’re not just looking for solutions; they’re keen on being part of the solution. Bruviti’s Home Repair AI can be exposed directly to customers to guide them through troubleshooting processes, allowing them to address common technical issues independently.

Minimize Downtime, Maximize Efficiency: Equipping customers with the tools to solve minor problems themselves not only reduces the load on customer service agents but also enhances the user’s experience. No more waiting on hold for minor issues; just swift, efficient self-resolution.

Analyze performance, improve efficiency

In-depth analysis of KPIs: Custom business intelligence dashboards provide insights into how overall efficiency can be improved.

Comprehensive view of service center performance: Reduce service response times, improve first-time fix rates, and improve team productivity with increased visibility.

The Power of Comprehensive Data

In today’s fast-paced digital age, the power of data cannot be overstated. The right data, processed intelligently, can transform operations, enhance customer satisfaction, and drive cost savings. Let’s explore this transformative capability further.

  • Reducing Unnecessary Service Calls: One of the significant drains on resources for any warranty service provider is unnecessary service calls. Think of a technician dispatched to fix an issue, only to discover it’s something that could have been resolved over a call or without any intervention.

    With precise, data-driven predictions, these redundant service visits could be significantly reduced, leading to more efficient operations and happier customers.
  • Bruviti’s Unmatched Coverage: What sets Bruviti apart is its extensive and comprehensive coverage of major home appliance and home system brands, equipment types, models, and parts. This vast reservoir of information means that whatever equipment customers have in their homes, old or new, the AI has it covered.
  • Elevating Technician Efficiency with Parts Prediction: We’ve all heard stories or perhaps experienced scenarios where a technician arrives but doesn’t have the required parts to fix the issue.

It’s frustrating for customers and costly for businesses. Bruviti’s Home Repair AI parts prediction feature addresses this challenge head-on. Analyzing the rich data and patterns from previous service requests ensures that technicians are not only dispatched to the right jobs but also equipped with the exact parts they’ll need.

The result? Jobs are completed faster, leading to a substantial boost in efficiency, customer satisfaction, and critically, a reduction in warranty cost.


In a landscape ripe for transformation, home warranty providers must harness technology’s potential to overcome existing challenges and provide homeowners the security they deserve. Bruviti’s Home Repair AI stands as a testament to this evolution, seamlessly merging cutting-edge technology and data analytics to offer efficient claims, proactive maintenance, and personalized experiences. With its practical solutions, Bruviti is at the forefront of reshaping the market for home warranty providers, making it the go-to choice for ushering in a new era of efficiency and customer satisfaction.

Do you have any questions about Bruviti’s Home Repair AI? Please feel free to reach out to us here.