AI for appliance servicers

ServiceYoda is an AI service copilot to support your techs and dispatchers, helping you save time and money.

Key features

Find and order the right parts for the repair

Search manuals and resources in real time

Identify how to improve productivity and profitability

Troubleshoot and triage issues onsite

Instant information & diagnostics for dispatchers

Part Recommender

Identify the specific parts needed to repair an issue and order directly from within ServiceYoda to reduce truck rolls.


Smart Diagnostics

Upload a sample of you service data and create a personalized business dashboard and discover valuable insights to improve productivity.

Smart Product Search

Access all the manuals, specs, FAQ’s videos for an appliance on one screen, save time searching for information.


Drive revenue, not trucks

ServiceYoda works 100% online, no complicated tools or downloads, just a few simple steps to set up your account, upload a sample of your data and start using the power of AI.

Get mobile version

The ServiceYoda mobile app is designed for your field technicians, enabling them to access essential data on their smartphone while on-site.

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