Bruviti Customer Assist

Applies Bruviti’s market-leading AI-powered knowledge to deliver a powerful, interactive front-line support tool that helps customers troubleshoot technical issues without agent intervention.

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Bruviti Agent Assist

An AI-powered single-window dashboard that can be configured to include the wide array of equipment and customer information, parts inventory, and technical data an agent needs to resolve a customer’s issue.

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Bruviti Tech Assist

Gives frontline technicians an AI-powered diagnostic tool and correct parts provisioning to improve fix rates on the first visit. When equipped with the latest in AR/VR technology, technicians can consult technical experts at a remote location for complex service issues.

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Predicted parts for "Water leakage" issue.


Bruviti Parts Prediction

Bruviti's case-based reasoning and machine-learning applications ensure accurate fault identification that helps field technicians carry the right parts for a successful service call.

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