Minimize warranty spend and improve consumer experience

Home repair AI is a dedicated solution for home and extended-warranty providers, delivering instant diagnosis and triage of issues for major home appliances and systems


Covers a huge array of equipment types, models, and brands.

At the front line

Empower customers to rapidly identify and resolve common repair issues 24/7, with a conversational, AI-powered self-serve chat experience.


In the call center

Equip contact center agents with intelligent decision trees, contextual search capabilities, and on-tap technical resources, manuals and videos, including prediction of parts needed for repair.

In the field

Arm warranty administrators with insights to control repair authorization and cost and provide servicer networks with actionable information to maximize first-time fix rates.


Kippy MacNulty

Vice President of Business Development for Marcone

Bruviti’s triage capabilities are critical in enabling our customers to troubleshoot and diagnose issues more quickly. In the long run, this means our warranty administrators and servicers can boost profitability with improved parts management and first-time fix rates.


Built for secure application in your environment, Home Repair AI is compatible with the leading enterprise service-management platforms and can be deployed as a standalone application or built into existing systems.

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