The foundation for complex issue resolution

Domain specific equipment triage models fined tuned and proprietary to your needs

The shortest path to issue resolution

Data ingestion

Equipment AI's advanced data ingestion engine seamlessly transforms both structured and unstructured data, preparing it for sophisticated machine learning techniques.

Privacy stripping

Prioritizing data security, the AI strips Personally Identifiable Information (PII) during data ingestion, ensuring compliance and reinforcing user privacy.

Contextual tagging and labeling

An integral function during ingestion, every piece of data is tagged and labelled by the AI this consistent ontology is the foundation for fast, consistent and accurate results.

Dimension-agnostic query handling

Triage LLM allows users to pose queries from any dimension. Whether it's the model number, a problem description, or an image, the AI comprehends diverse queries seamlessly.

Dynamic decision trees

Generative decision trees rooted in historical incidents, guide users in the next best actions to identify root causes and effectively resolve equipment issues.

Adaptive prioritization

Generative prioritization of the most efficient order of operations to diagnose and resolve equipment issues, with constant learning and adaptation to real world inputs.

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