Boost productivity, accelerate onboarding and increase first time fix rates.

Tech Assist equips your technicians with on-demand access to diagnostics and decision support, delivering intelligence from service data patterns, root cause prediction, and continuous learning, all at their fingertips.

AI powered diagnostics and prediction

Efficiently analyze symptoms, provide potential causes, and guide technicians through targeted troubleshooting steps to swiftly identify the root cause of issues.


Step-by-step guidance with visual support

Deliver detailed triage paths with relevant content snippets, including text, diagrams, or videos, enabling technicians to quickly test and resolve diagnosed issues with visual aids.

Real-time parts prediction and ordering

Instantly identify correct part numbers, check availability, and enable automated parts pre-authorization and ordering, ensuring accurate cost prediction and streamlined authorization.


Collaboration and remote support

Utilize voice-controlled AI service chat assistant to answer questions and seamlessly connect with remote experts for visual guidance during troubleshooting or complex repairs.

Continuous learning and knowledge base updates

Capture history, resolutions, and repair techniques from each service interaction, enriching the service knowledge base accessible to all.


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Global Technical Manager Merrychef

Bruviti Tech Assist is core to the training and success of our field service technicians, and the intelligence that it captures is helping our product and QA teams to deeply understand the customer experience and focus on opportunities to improve it.