How AI technology can enhance customer service for home appliance equipment

This month, Bruviti offered manufacturers of home appliances a chance to learn how the Bruviti data science team applies machine learning as the foundation for a range of applications used in the service sector.

By Andy Chinmulgund

Home appliance manufacturers and the companies that provide service contracts for this equipment are looking for solutions to:

  1. Reduce service costs
  2. Improve customer experience (CX) 
  3. Improve first-time fix rates
  4. Enable customer self-service
  5. Allow for safer service operation during COVID-19
  6. Improve profitability

How can AI assist in the pursuit of these goals? This month, the Bruviti team held the first in a series of webinars to clarify how we harness machine learning technology to power applications that improve customer experience in the contact center and in the field service department. 

The entire webinar, including the demo, can be streamed here.

VP of strategy Tom Meehan and VP of data science Ajey Walavalkar began by defining some of the core concepts of artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning (ML). After describing how a machine-learning model is built and trained, Tom and Ajey demonstrated how these technologies are applied in real-life consumer appliance service scenarios.

At the end, attendees were encouraged to ask questions; we’ve picked six of them for a closer look. 

What are the range of home appliances that can benefit from an AI-powered service center?
Answer: While today’s webinar focuses on washer-dryers, fridges and other kitchen appliances, these same principles can be applied to water heaters and HVAC equipment.

Can Bruviti’s technology be used in the commercial HVAC sector? Are there any special considerations in this setting?
Answer: Yes, Bruviti’s AI-powered applications can easily be adapted for commercial machines such as HVAC, foodservice, and other equipment.

Will we need to hire a data science team to develop the ML models?
Answer: No, you will not need to expand your IT team. A major benefit of working with Bruviti is that we do all the AI heavy lifting for your IT team. We start with a major advantage over any in-house team: we have already built dozens of machine learning models for most equipment categories. We can also infuse these models with your specific service data, terminology, and more.

We’ve invested heavily in a CRM platform for our contact center. Can your technology integrate with it?
Answer: Yes, we can integrate with all major CRM platforms. For example, we can augment any existing agent dashboards with rich and relevant diagnostic and remedy instructions so that you can significantly improve the performance of CSRs as well as in-field technicians.

Do you have customer deployments that utilize AI for use cases other than customer service?
Answer: Yes. We offer some of our home and extended warranty customers a solution that helps them decide whether it is better to make an offer to a customer to replace their appliance or attempt to fix it.

Many thanks to all who attended this webinar. Look out for news on the blog about our next webinar.

Suggested next steps

If you and your team are assessing how to leverage machine learning and AI to accelerate your internal process, our technical team can assist in the location of these diverse data sources, documenting current workflows and processes, and from this formulating a proof of concept. Contact us to set up a discussion with our sales team.