How AI is redefining IT tech support (Part 2)

In Part 1, we explored the challenges in IT support and service today. We talked about how Artificial Intelligence (AI) is transforming support and service functions, offering advanced solutions for diagnostics, knowledge transfer, and customer service. We also talked about Bruviti’s role in addressing these challenges.

In this part, let’s explore how Bruviti equipment service AI (EQAI) platform harnesses the power of AI to revolutionize IT support and service:

Bruviti’s equipment service AI: Transforming IT Support and Service

Bruviti’s domain specialized equipment service AI equips IT leaders like you with the tools to maximize operational efficiency and minimize downtime. The AI-driven platform provides help desk agents and support technicians with critical insights and tools for quick issue resolution. AI provides enhanced visibility into potential problems and actionable intelligence, which lead to reduced downtime and heightened customer satisfaction.

Delivered as a service within a your secure environment, Bruviti ensures that data remains private, with proprietary LLM training and learning, delivering reliable and consistent AI results for informed decision-making.

Here is how equipment service AI solves the challenges:

1. Effective troubleshooting
Bruviti AI equips your service and support teams with the necessary tools and insights to understand and maintain sophisticated, integrated hardware systems. By analyzing vast datasets, EQAI offers deep insights and actionable intelligence, enabling technicians and help desk agents to effectively troubleshoot and maintain complex systems. This leads to improved service levels and customer satisfaction, as service teams are better prepared to handle the demands of modern IT service and support.

2. Advanced diagnostics
With the help of AI, the platform analyzes and interprets complex data from various hardware components and identifies the root causes of issues. Its precise diagnostic capabilities make it easier to pinpoint problems in complex hybrid environments, significantly reducing the time and effort required for troubleshooting and ensuring more accurate and efficient repairs.

3. Knowledge transfer
Equipment service AI updates its knowledge base with the latest technological advancements, ensuring that your service teams are always equipped with current information. This ongoing learning and adaptation capability of AI helps technicians manage and maintain advanced systems effectively, keeping pace with the industry’s rapid innovation.

4. Seamless integration with legacy systems
Sophisticated AI algorithms analyze and bridge the gap between old and new systems, minimizing compatibility issues and data silos. This seamless integration ensures uninterrupted operations and significantly reduces service and support challenges associated with disparate systems.

5. Parts prediction
AI can predict which parts are more likely to fail based on historical data and real-time performance analysis. With AI algorithms at play, technicians are dispatched with the right parts in hand, increasing the chances of completing repairs on the first visit. This not only reduces downtime but also enhances safety by ensuring that the necessary components are readily available.

6. Increased workforce proficiency
By automating complex tasks and providing intuitive insights, AI reduces the reliance on people with specialized skills, making it possible for your existing teams to manage advanced IT systems. This eases the strain on service teams and supports the core business functions effectively.

7. Adapting to job market dynamics
Equipment service AI offers tools and resources that enable your IT helpdesk, support, and maintenance teams to function efficiently, regardless of location or structure. This adaptability ensures that support teams remain effective and responsive to evolving workplace trends.

8. Meeting rising customer expectations
Bruviti’s AI-driven platform enhances round-the-clock support capabilities, meeting the rising customer expectations for prompt and reliable service. Advanced AI features such as diagnostic, parts prediction and equipment triage capabilities ensure that complex technical issues are resolved swiftly, which results in increased first-time fix rates, high service standards and high customer satisfaction.

Bruviti’s equipment service AI is a game-changer for IT support and service. With its enhanced capabilities, it ensures significant reduction in downtime, effective maintenance, and more efficient knowledge transfer.


The IT support and service industry is facing many challenges today. Bruviti’s equipment service AI emerges as a solution, empowering IT companies to turn these challenges into opportunities. With AI, your company can ensure precision in diagnostics, improved first-time fix rates, effective knowledge transfer, and enhanced customer service.

Bruviti’s mission revolves around enabling IT leaders to harness the full potential of AI to drive significant business outcomes while ensuring unparalleled control, security, and risk mitigation. By placing the power of AI in your hands, Bruviti empowers you to extract sustainable value from the training and learning of AI models to deliver transformative outcomes tailor-made to your organization’s unique requirements and goals.