Bruviti Launches AI-Powered Triage for Providers of Home and Extended Warranties

With Bruviti’s Home Repair AI solution, warranty companies can deploy an effective appliance troubleshooting and diagnostics tool that resolves in-bound service requests faster to reduce warranty spend and improve consumer experience.

CAMPBELL, Calif. – August 24, 2023: Bruviti, the leader in AI-powered service triage applications, has launched a dedicated solution for home- and extended-warranty providers that want to offer instant diagnosis and triage of issues for major home appliances and systems. Building on its technical leadership in diagnostics models and parts knowledge, and the company’s deep experience with AI-powered service triage solutions in the home sector, Bruviti Home Repair AI meets the unique needs of warranty companies that contract with homeowners to provide coverage for an enormous array of equipment types and models from dozens of brands.

“For every inbound support request from a homeowner, warranty providers must instantly diagnose that specific technical problem and determine the shortest path to resolution while minimizing cost. Meanwhile, the network of servicers that provide onsite repair need actionable information to maximize first-time fix rates,” said Andy Chinmulgund, co-founder and CEO of Bruviti. “Our new Bruviti Home Repair AI solution applies recent advances in generative AI to instantly diagnose technical problems associated with all major home appliances and systems, and then recommend the optimum course of action and parts needed to fix that problem.”

Bruviti Home Repair AI is compatible with leading enterprise service-management platforms and can be deployed as a standalone application or built into existing enterprise systems to:

  1. Deliver a front-line support experience that helps consumers troubleshoot technical issues without agent intervention using a conversational, AI-powered chat assistant. The chatbot provides personalized interactions and rapid self-service issue identification and resolution.
  2. Equip contact center agents with intelligent decision trees, contextual search capabilities, and relevant product information (such as manuals, videos, technical resources) – including step-by-step guidance, proven resolutions, and prediction of parts needed for repair.
  3. Give warranty administrators the insights they need to control repair authorization and cost, and to ensure their respective servicer networks can maximize first-time fix rates.
  4. Derive ongoing insights into warranty service issues and take rapid action to efficiently resolve them and control repair authorization and cost.

“Bruviti’s triage capabilities are critical in enabling our customers to troubleshoot and diagnose issues more quickly,” said Kippy MacNulty, vice president of business development for Marcone. “In the long run, this means our warranty administrators and servicers can boost profitability with improved parts management and first-time fix rates.”

Bruviti Service AI: built for secure application in the field
The Bruviti Service AI platform is a highly specialized generative AI trained on a massive dataset of service records, manuals, chat and video transcripts, and parts data. Bruviti Service AI utilizes advanced machine-learning algorithms and natural-language processing to instantly determine fault symptoms, learn contextual diagnosis-fix patterns, and deliver accurate ‘resolution intelligence’ tailored to the specific needs of field service teams. Bruviti Service AI’s built-in security layer ensures that all customer data is protected and accessible only by authenticated users.

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