To build your AI-assisted service team, just add knowledge

Fast access to technical know-how is what makes a good technical support great. To that end, every service and support organization has accumulated a massive amount of technical knowledge. As they strive to improve efficiency, reduce call times, and minimize truck rolls, many service organizations are looking for ways to automate access to that knowledge and operationalize it using AI techniques.

By Andy Chinmulgund

There’s a daunting AI skills gap in the IT department at many manufacturers. The reason: building a machine-learning application optimized for support and service needs, and then training it for use on the front lines with customers, CSRs, and field technicians, requires software-development skills that few manufacturers and servicers possess in-house.

But what they do have —possibly terabytes of it— is the product-specific knowledge that can be used to train an AI application: user manuals, service manuals, troubleshooting guides, installation and operations guides, FAQ databases, service bulletins, customer call transcripts, field service records, images, diagrams, manuals, and how-to videos.

Some of this know-how is structured and housed in a knowledge database, while the rest is scattered around the organization or posted on the web. How can it be used to build a service-focused AI? 

That’s where we come in.

Bruviti just announced a no-code approach that enables any service team to use that technical knowledge and know-how to train our service-specific AI on their products. For years, we’ve been perfecting advanced machine-learning technology capable of providing AI-assisted fault diagnostics for a wide range of products; it just needs technical content to ‘learn’ how to service your product. 

It’s called Bruviti Triage Center. With Bruviti Triage Center, we just closed the AI skills gap for your development team. We’ve condensed everything we’ve learned while developing AI applications for service and support departments into a no-code web service that builds a functional service AI using your service documentation. All you need to do is upload your knowledge.

Bruviti Triage Center can serve a variety of industries and use cases. One is the small to mid-sized OEM that offers support and service for their products. They can upload their manuals, service records, and other technical information to create an AI application that can power Bruviti’s suite of AI-assisted frontline applications: Customer Assist, Agent Assist, and Tech Assist. OEMs can also equip their third-party servicers with these same Bruviti applications so they can better support the OEM’s equipment and products.

Another example is an extended warranty company that has multiple different types of equipment under service contract.  Bruviti Triage Center enables the warranty provider to gain access to Bruviti’s solutions to support some or all of this equipment. Similarly, specialist servicers that provide support for a wide array of equipment can use the Bruviti Triage Center to deploy Bruviti Tech Assist for their technicians.

To learn more about Bruviti Triage Center:

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