Slash service costs by shifting the issue resolution curve with specialized equipment AI

The landscape for commercial and industrial equipment manufacturers is unforgiving. Customers demand exceptional service with fast resolutions, minimal downtime, and a seamless experience. However, providing this level of service is becoming more challenging due to rising service costs and a shortage of skilled technicians. This imbalance creates pressure on service organizations to find innovative solutions to meet customer expectations without compromising quality. Traditional reactive service models, where technicians scramble to fix problems after they occur, are simply unsustainable. AI brings the potential to change how issues are resolved, shifting the burden so it’s not always on the technician.

The approach shifts the issue resolution curve by enabling contact center agents to handle problems that previously required technician intervention. Supported by AI and advanced tools, these agents can effectively resolve issues, minimizing the need for costly technician resources. This strategy enhances efficiency and leads to significant cost savings. AI captures data, provides intelligence, identifies issues, predicts diagnoses, and offers resolution steps. This empowers service agents and customers to solve problems quickly, reserving technicians for the most complex tasks that require their expertise.

Bruviti’s Equipment Service AI (EQAI) empowers manufacturers to resolve issues at the helpdesk level, preventing escalation to field technicians. By doing so, they can achieve dramatic cost savings, with a potential reduction of 40% in the average cost per service call. This translates to a significant drop from an average cost of $222 per call to just $132 per call. 

Here’s how Bruviti’s EQAI helps achieve this:

1. Deflecting inquiries with virtual service agents:

Bruviti’s AI-powered virtual service agents act as your 24/7 support staff. These digital technicians guide customers through basic troubleshooting steps, answer frequently asked questions, and offer self-service solutions. This frees up your live support team for complex issues and deflects inquiries from expensive phone channels, resulting in significant cost savings.

For example, a leading appliance manufacturer saw a 20% reduction in call center interactions after implementing our virtual service agents. This translates directly to cost savings as the issue was handled by the economical virtual agents. Customers also benefited from 24/7 access to self-service solutions, improving their overall satisfaction.

Another excellent tool is Bruviti’s Agent Assist. It is equipped with an AI-powered single-window interface that transforms service agents into experts with no additional training. It provides a comprehensive platform that includes equipment and customer information, parts inventory, and technical data that an agent needs to resolve a customer’s issue. Agent Assist helps service agents handle searches, diagnosis, and decision paths, resolving support calls instead of passing them on to technicians. This capability significantly enhances efficiency and effectiveness in customer support, leading to quicker resolutions and higher customer satisfaction.

2. Empowering technicians with AI-powered assistance:
AI isn’t here to replace technicians; it’s here to empower them. Bruviti’s EQAI solutions act as virtual assistants, providing real-time guidance during complex troubleshooting. With access to vast knowledge bases, AI tools suggest potential solutions and offer step-by-step repair instructions. This empowers technicians of all skill levels to handle challenging issues confidently and efficiently, leading to faster resolutions and improved customer satisfaction.

Since new technicians often face a steep learning curve, they can make errors while resolving issues, leading to repeat service calls, despite traditional training. Bruviti’s intelligent training and installation guides address this by analyzing historical data to create personalized instructions tailored to specific equipment models and common issues. This ensures that new technicians can fix problems right the first time, reducing the need for repeat service calls.

A client in the industrial machinery sector reported a 12% decrease in repeat service calls after implementing our intelligent training guides. This not only improved customer satisfaction but also generated significant cost savings by minimizing unnecessary technician dispatches.

3. Predictive maintenance: Preventing problems before they happen:

Waiting for equipment to break down before taking action is a recipe for costly downtime and emergency repairs. Bruviti’s EQAI goes beyond reactive repairs. AI tools continuously analyze equipment data in real-time to identify potential issues before they occur. This allows for proactive interventions like preventative maintenance or preemptive part replacements, significantly reducing the need for expensive emergency repairs.

A client in the domestic appliance sector saw a remarkable 25% reduction in equipment breakdowns after implementing our predictive maintenance solution. This resulted in happier customers, fewer warranty claims (which can be very costly), and a significant boost to their bottom line.

Avoid the pitfalls 

Shifting the resolution curve left has compelling benefits for equipment service, but it’s not without its challenges. Here are some pitfalls to avoid:

  • Neglecting user experience (UX) in self-service solutions: While self-service options can deflect inquiries from expensive channels, poorly designed interfaces or limited functionalities can lead to customer frustration and eventually, a higher volume of support tickets. Ensure your self-service solutions are user-friendly, intuitive, and offer comprehensive answers to common problems.
  • Treating AI as a silver bullet: AI is a powerful tool, but it’s not a magic fix. Don’t rely solely on AI to solve all your service challenges. Invest in training your human workforce and ensure a smooth integration between AI and technicians for optimal results.
  • Failing to address data quality and security: Inaccurate or incomplete data can lead to misleading insights and ultimately, ineffective service strategies. Focus on data quality initiatives and prioritize robust data security measures.
  • Ignoring the human element: This approach doesn’t eliminate the need for skilled technicians. Instead, it empowers them to be more efficient and effective. Don’t neglect the importance of ongoing training and development for your service team.
  • Lack of communication and change management: Clearly communicate the benefits and potential disruptions to all stakeholders, including customers, technicians, and support teams. Implement a robust change management strategy to ensure a smooth transition.

The time to change is now

Don’t wait for your service costs to spiral out of control. Utilize Bruviti’s EQAI to start saving money today.  Let’s discuss how we can help you transform your equipment service operations.