Enhanced Service and Support with Predictive Analytics

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Bruviti Predictive Suite

Bruviti Predictive suite is a smart, modular, integrated and interoperable string of end user applications designed with a focus to enhance support and service team effectiveness, lessen operational costs and boost overall revenue.


Bruviti Predictive Support

Bruviti Predictive Support application improves the efficiency of your support teams. It fully leverages the advanced machine learning capabilities of the Bruviti IoT core and presents a user friendly dashboard that helps call takers quickly access insights that would otherwise require searching through vast amounts of customer, appliance and service data from many sources.

  • User Friendly Dashboard
  • Quick Search on assets Digital Twin
  • Asset diagnosis for Fast Resolution

Bruviti Predictive Service

Organizations that provide customer service are faced with rising costs and constant pressure from customers to deliver faster and better service. Bruviti Predictive Service application improves service technician productivity by reducing truck rolls and improving the first call resolution rate. Customized for both mobiles and tablets, it has an array of easy to use features which allow service teams to run diagnostics for in depth understanding of the problem. Real time updates on dispatch tickets assigned to them help in efficient route planning and carrying the required parts for a service call.

  • Real-Time Updates
  • Remote Diagnostics
  • Single Call Resolution

Bruviti Predictive Monitoring

Our Predictive Monitoring application tracks the health of your connected and non-connected devices distributed across regions. While connected devices are monitored in real time, service history records are used for analyzing the performance of non- connected devices. Continuous asset monitoring assists in failure prediction which helps in preventing downtime, reducing high truck roll costs and improving the first time fix rate.

  • Asset Visualization
  • Alarms & Notifications
  • Advanced Algorithms generate insights

Bruviti Chatbot

Using a Natural Language Processing (NLP) engine and search algorithms , Bruviti Chatbot assists the customer support team ask meaningful questions for better understanding of a customer issue. The chatbot applies smart search tools and a dynamic algorithm-based decision tree for more effective results that are quick, precise and few. Bruviti Chatbot will boost your call center representative’s effectiveness and improve the quality of your customer interaction.

  • Natural Language Processing (NLP)
  • AI based Decision Tree
  • Case Based Reasoning (CBR)

Bruviti Live Help

Field technicians rely on their experience and technical expertise to fix malfunctioning equipment. While simple problems are fixed easily, they refer complex issues to technical experts based at remote locations. Bruviti Live Help software brings your service technicians and technical experts closer to the root of the problem in real time. Using the latest in Augmented Reality (AR) technology service teams can use their smart phones or tablets to interact virtually with the technical experts and collaborate to solve complex issues improving the productivity of your service teams.

  • Real- time Annotations
  • Seamless Live Streaming
  • Freeze Frame and Recording

Bruviti Parts Predictor

Service managers at multiple stocking locations face the daunting task of avoiding stock outs of items required frequently and critical items that require a special ordering process. Our Parts Predictor application optimizes inventory levels and forecasts demand by tracking service records through machine and business data analysis. Maintaining optimum stock levels ensures that service technicians carry the right parts to solve a customer complaint thereby reducing the Mean Time to Repair and improving customer relationships.

  • Smart Inventory Control
  • Demand Forecasting Tools
  • Machine and Business Data Analysis

Bruviti IoT Core

Artificial Intelligence is at the heart of the Bruviti IoT Core platform. It applies Machine Learning algorithms for speedy data processing, Digital Twin technology for support and service team optimization and a robust Data Orchestration platform that expedites analytics.


AI and Machine Learning

Bruviti’s Artificial Intelligence (AI) systems facilitate regular human tasks such as planning, learning, reasoning and problem solving in a smart manner. Bruviti’s Natural Language Processing (NLP) engine converts customer complaints registered in natural human language to machine language in the form of error codes and descriptions. This helps in accurately identifying the problem for a specific customer complaint. Using advanced Machine Learning algorithms, our Smart Search and Case Based Reasoning models provide prevailing systems the ability to automatically learn and improve the experience for its users. It helps your support teams to retrieve similar cases, reuse successful past solutions, revise the solution with improvements and retain the solution for future reference. By suggesting solutions quickly and accurately, the quality of your customer interaction will improve.

  • Error codes and Descriptions
  • Self-Learning software
  • System Automation

Digital Twin

Bruviti Digital Twin is defined as a dynamic digital representation of a physical equipment, its attributes and associated data. Organizations can implement the Digital Twin technology to accelerate product design, improve manufacturing and supply chain functions. This Digital Twin functionality enables the optimization of machine deployment, support and service functions. It tracks service aspects such as the operational and maintenance history of a customer’s device. With the application of sophisticated machine learning and statistical models, service teams can monitor performance, diagnose issues and recommend solutions.

  • Customized Solution
  • Integrated Systems
  • Field Service focused

Data Orchestration

In order to gain insight and drive relevant action to achieve a pre-defined objective, machine, human and business data from many sources needs to be organized, structured and made accessible for analysis on a single platform. Organizations are increasingly generating data that is unstructured, raw and in native formats. Bruviti Data Orchestration capability built into the IoT Core enables analysis over new sources of data such as log files, search queries and connected data from devices to achieve best insights. This aids organizations to identify and act upon opportunities for business growth faster by attracting and retaining customers, boosting productivity, proactively maintaining devices and taking informed decisions.

  • Faster Data Analytics
  • Seamless Data Integration
  • Qualitative Insights

Bruviti IoT Edge

In the IoT environment significant amounts of data is generated by devices used by millions of consumers every day. This data needs to be stored and analyzed for insights that lead to improved product design, increased operational efficiencies and greater profitability for an organization. When this data is sent to a cloud server, transfer and management can be expensive, less secure and impede action in real time. Bruviti’s Edge Analytics software reduces the complexities that are associated with extensive amounts of data transfer by implementing a well-designed computing solution.


  • Reduced Communication Latency
  • Real Time Actions
  • Data Security

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