Bruviti Smart Support


Give your customer contact agents superpowers so they can resolve complex issues faster. Powered by a virtual assistant, Bruviti Smart Support combines essential and contextually relevant information into a single window that centralizes all an agent needs to solve a customer's issue. The dashboard can be configured to include a wide array of equipment and customer information, chat session history, knowledge base and technical data, parts inventory, and more. Service calls can be scheduled from within the dashboard.

Key features

Smart CBR

Bruviti case-based reasoning applies lessons learned from previous support cases to solve the current problem. It applies the latest machine learning and natural language processing technologies.

Smart Search

Turns existing textual data from multiple sources into knowledge that can be applied to solve new technical support problems.

Conversational AI

Applies the power of artificial intelligence to provide a powerful, interactive front-line support tool that helps customers solve many technical issues without agent intervention.

Bruviti Smart Service


Equip your field personnel with intelligent assistants that help them resolve complex issues faster. Bruviti Smart Service provides frontline technicians AI-powered diagnostic tools and correct parts provisioning to improve fix rates on the first visit. The mobile app is complemented by a comprehensive dashboard for management personnel.

Key features

Parts Prediction

Bruviti's case-based reasoning and machine learning applications ensure field technicians carry the right parts for a successful service call.

AR/VR tools

Using the latest in AR and VR, Live Help connects field technicians with technical experts back at the base so that problems are diagnosed and fixed faster.

Bruviti Smart BI dashboard


Bruviti's business intelligence dashboards provide management teams essential visibility into how each Bruviti tool is contributing to overall efficiency and bottom-line performance.

Key features

User Engagement

Insights into user engagement per appliance type.

Trending issues

Monitor key performance indicators and take corrective actions to improve service efficiency.

Usage Metrics

Make data-driven decisions about development cycles with in depth usage metrics.

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