How warranty companies can reduce their service costs

A home or extended warranty is a renewable home service plan that offers discounted repair and replacement services for applicable household appliances and systems. By covering household appliances like refrigerators, dishwashers, washing machines and dryers, these warranties ensure a homeowner can affordably repair, maintain and potentially replace them without any additional out-of-pocket expense.

However, the warranty companies that underwrite these policies may struggle to deliver a cost-effective service when policy claims are made. The reasons for this include:

  • Because they typically provide coverage for a wide range of devices of varying age, models, and equipment types, it is difficult to maintain a complete set of updated user and technical manuals, FAQs, and troubleshooting guides for all of them.
  • Since they mostly use independent service contractors, relaying service information to and from the contractor is a challenge, often leading to multiple truck rolls and the unnecessary use of parts. It is also can be a challenge to authorize a repair, validate how a service issue was resolved, and which parts were used.
  • Their in-house IT infrastructure cannot provide the tools needed for a homeowner to file a claim, properly identify the equipment type and model number, verify its warranty, and document the service issue.

Bruviti offers several services designed for warranty companies

Bruviti Agent Assist equips warranty contact centers to triage an issue with the homeowner and provides comprehensive support for a range of different vendors and model types. A contact center agent fires up an Bruviti AI triage chatbot that is specific to the equipment type, with the agent assist feature presenting manuals, FAQs, videos, and other relevant sources that are contextual to the vendor model and problem being triaged. This allows a problem to be resolved without the need for a truck roll—and if a truck roll is required, the dispatch team is better informed about what the service issues are.

Bruviti Customer Assist can be used by the homeowner to do things like file a claim, identify the equipment with which there is an issue, validate that there is not some other warranty coverage in place, and helping the homeowner to perform some initial diagnostics triage.

Bruviti Tech Assist can used by a service contractor in the field to perform triage. It can also be used to validate and authorize work.

Bruviti Parts Prediction can be included as part of the triage performed by a call center agent or service contractor. It ensures the right parts are loaded on the truck and ensures authorization of parts used.

To learn how Bruviti can boost efficiency for your warranty company, set up a consultation here.