How AI can improve support and boost uptime of foodservice equipment

Having their kitchen equipment up and running is critical for restaurants to maintain their operations and ensure business continuity.

By Andy Chinmulgund

And while it’s true that AI technology can be employed to increase equipment uptime, foodservice equipment manufacturers, servicers and restaurants are often hesitant to adopt AI to support service of kitchen equipment.

There are several reasons for this: 

  • Technically, implementing AI is daunting; it’s a heavy lift for most development teams. 
  • Training the machine-learning model (a crucial step for delivering an effective AI) represents another hurdle. 
  • Finally, connecting an AI to their front-line applications (technical support, customer support, contact center) may be disruptive.

Instead, IT teams are turning to ‘plug-in’ services developed by experts. Bruviti is focused on providing AI for the foodservice equipment industry, delivering ‘drop-in’ AI service triage that can be used by an OEM service center, a servicer or a maintenance employee at restaurant. Bruviti also provides part prediction to ensure that a servicer has the right part on the truck when they are dispatched.  

To streamline model training, Bruviti has tools that allow for the auto-ingestion of manuals and service records that are then used to create AI service triage specific to a particular kitchen equipment model. No AI expertise is needed by the customer to do this.  

Recently, Bruviti has partnered with the industry’s top parts supplier, Marcone, to provide triage and part prediction for the foodservice equipment sector Marcone’s extensive distribution network enables cost- effective same-day shipping for foodservice equipment parts. 

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