Home Warranty & Extended Warranty


Home and extended warranty companies that offer policies to repair problems with home appliances are looking for ways to reduce contact center and service contractor expenses. Bruviti enables these companies to offer effective self-service solutions to deflect calls from the contact center, and to equip contact center agents with better diagnostic and problem-resolution capabilities.

By working with Bruviti, warranty companies can reduce onsite visits that require an expensive truck roll. Another benefit is better transparency with their servicer providers through improved triage instructions and parts recommendations to field technicians, as well as accurate validation of parts utilization. Bruviti assists home and extended warranty companies with an offering to quickly diagnose and fix home appliances while reducing costs.

Bruviti Agent Assist

Is an AI-powered problem diagnosis and resolution tool for customer-care representatives at the contact center. It unifies your data such as equipment and customer information, parts inventory, and technical data from multiple sources onto a single platform. Agents in warranty companies call centers can now triage problems with equipment. If the issue cannot be resolved and a dispatch is required, then the agent can provide the service contractor with information about the call triage.

Bruviti Customer Assist

Applies Bruviti's market-leading AI-powered knowledge to deliver a powerful, interactive front-line support tool that helps the customers of warranty companies troubleshoot technical issues without agent intervention. It is equipped with a smart equipment identification feature that helps customers convert the rating plate into the relevant model number and serial number with access to model specific FAQs, video tutorials, and troubleshooting tips.

Bruviti Tech Assist

Gives frontline technicians an AI-powered diagnostic tool and correct parts provisioning to improve fix rates on the first visit. When equipped with the latest in AR/VR technology, technicians can consult technical experts at a remote location for complex service issues.

Bruviti Parts Prediction

Bruviti's case-based reasoning and machine-learning applications ensure accurate fault identification that helps field technicians carry the right parts for a successful service call. With information gleaned from service records field technicians are always provisioned with the right parts to improve first time fix.

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