Field Service Connect : show me the ROI

Field Service Connect

Last month, we attended Field Service Connect in Austin, TX. This is an invitation-only exclusive event for senior executives that addresses some of the hottest topics around IoT, data analytics, and the future state of service. The conference delegates that we met were director- and VP-level decision makers who attended to monitor the state of the art of field service technology and to discuss common concerns.

This year, we connected with people representing a wide range of industries, including HVAC, smart buildings, manufacturing, medical/healthcare, oil & gas, and financial services. This is perhaps indicative of the proliferation of IoT and sensors across numerous sectors. What’s interesting is that they shared a common need: deriving insights from the data generated by these devices. Their interest in Bruviti’s Predictive Services suite of applications ranged from “we need help” to inquiries about specific analytics modules.

The response to Andy Chinmulgund’s presentation was encouraging, because it confirmed how important predictive service capabilities are across all industries. The follow-up discussions centered on the need to streamline the entire customer service flow, ranging from the call center, to the field tech, and the backup technical advisory group. All of the executives we met are exploring how to leverage technology to serve the needs of these disparate internal groups.

In addition to the technology element, ROI was a recurring theme for the attendees. Defining how to reduce truck rolls, streamline the call-center process, and reduce tech time at a customer site were key discussion points. The consensus was that any work taken out of the system – without sacrificing customer satisfaction – would contribute to increased profitability.

Delegate roundtable discussions about common problems that field service executives encounter every day helped us understand how Bruviti can improve the communications process within a field service organization. Similarly, improvements to the training process for new hires – or about new products – is an area where Bruviti can improve the productivity of a service team.