Commercial Kitchen Equipment

Ovens, fryers, refrigerators and other commercial equipment are mission-critical for the successful operation of restaurants, hotels, and other professional foodservice locations. Ensuring fast and accurate repair of this equipment is essential for customer service and quality levels.

Bruviti applies the latest data analytics and machine-learning technologies to triage problems with food service equipment including parts prediction to reduce warranty expenses and lower the cost of customer support.

Bruviti's AI-powered suite of products enables manufacturers of commercial kitchen equipment and their service providers to increase asset uptime and empower support and service teams to enhance customer experience and reduce ownership costs.


Bruviti Agent Assist

An AI-powered problem diagnosis and resolution tool for customer-care representatives at the contact center. Bruviti Agent Assist unifies your data -equipment and customer information, parts inventory, and technical data from multiple sources- onto a single platform. Support teams in a commercial kitchen equipment manufacturer call center can triage issues and provide field service teams with troubleshooting guidance.

Bruviti Tech Assist

Gives frontline commercial kitchen equipment field-service technicians an AI-powered diagnostic tool and correct parts provisioning to improve fix rates on the first visit. When equipped with the latest in AR/VR technology, technicians can consult technical experts at a remote location for complex service issues.

Bruviti Parts Prediction

Bruviti's case-based reasoning and machine-learning applications ensure accurate fault identification that helps field technicians carry the right parts for a successful service call. With information gleaned from service records field technicians are always provisioned with the right parts to improve their first-time fix rates.

Bruviti Smart Insights

Bruviti's Smart Insights and business intelligence dashboards provide management teams essential visibility into how each Bruviti tool is contributing to overall efficiency and bottom-line performance. A commercial kitchen manufacturer can monitor what the major issues are with their equipment, as well as the performance of call center agents and field service technicians.

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