Bruviti Triage Center Helps Organizations Quickly Build AI Capabilities for Service Teams

Bruviti Triage Center provides a no-code AI tool for OEMs, independent service providers, and warranty providers to enhance their self-help, contact center, and technical support capabilities using artificial intelligence

CAMPBELL, Calif. — December 2, 2021, 2021Bruviti, the leader in AI-driven predictive service applications, has launched Bruviti Triage Center, a no-code web application that enables manufacturers, independent servicers, and warranty providers of field-serviced products to quickly develop their own AI-powered triage environment to augment their existing customer- and technical-support capabilities.

Delivered as a single sign-on SaaS tool that requires zero programming, Bruviti Triage Center is ideal for any manufacturer, independent servicer, or warranty provider whose service and support technicians depend on a diverse array of existing knowledgebases, data silos, and SaaS systems to deliver technical support to either consumers or commercial customers. Bruviti Triage Center is the fastest way for any service organization to develop in-house AI capabilities.

“Most service and support organizations have accumulated a massive amount of technical knowledge that can be applied to solve their customers’ routine and complex technical support questions. They want to centralize that knowledge and then activate it using AI techniques, but they are concerned about whether their investments in digital transformation will get them there,” said Andy Chinmulgund, CEO of Bruviti. “We’ve eliminated that skills gap: with Bruviti Triage Center, any service organization can quickly create their own AI-guided applications—without expanding their IT team.”

Bruviti Triage Center automatically transforms a service organization’s structured and unstructured technical knowledge into an in-house expert machine-learning application that can be continually updated and optimized by in-house IT technicians without any prior knowledge of AI or machine learning. Once the AI application is built, it can power any of Bruviti’s Agent AssistTech Assist, and Parts Prediction frontline service applications. It also allows for manufacturers to collaborate with servicers and warranty providers by sharing product information to supplement their partners’ technical and diagnostic know-how.

“Bruviti Triage Center is not just for manufacturers and OEMs,” added Chinmulgund. “It can be used by independent service organizations and equipment warranty providers to augment their existing support capabilities for a wide range of products.” 

Bruviti’s technology is best known in the home appliance industry, but Bruviti Triage Center can equally bring AI-powered problem-diagnostics and fault-resolution benefits to other field-serviced products, such as commercial kitchen and foodservice equipment, residential and commercial HVAC, and lawn and garden machinery.

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About Bruviti

Bruviti uses artificial intelligence to implement machine-learning algorithms that empower support and service teams with tools to deliver better customer engagement. When contact centers and service organizations add Bruviti to their existing support infrastructure, they can take advantage of AI-enhanced self-service and remote-repair capabilities. For more information, visit