Bruviti predictive analytics supercharges service and support

Bruviti Predictive Suite

A set of smart, modular, integrated and interoperable applications that enhance support and service team effectiveness, reduce operational costs, and boost overall revenue.


Bruviti Predictive Support

Bruviti Predictive Support application leverages advanced AI & ML capabilities and presents a user-friendly dashboard that provides contact-center agents with time-saving insights that would otherwise require searching through vast amounts of customer, appliance, and service data from many different sources.

  • User-friendly dashboard
  • Quick search on assets digital twin
  • Asset diagnosis for fast resolution

Bruviti Predictive Service

Bruviti Predictive Service application is optimized for smartphones and tablets and, provides an array of easy-to-use features that enable service teams to run diagnostics for in-depth understanding of the problem, get real-time updates on dispatch tickets, facilitate efficient route planning and stock the relevant parts for a field visit.

  • Real-time updates
  • Remote diagnostics
  • First-call resolution

Bruviti Predictive Monitoring

Track the health of your connected and non-connected devices with the help of Bruviti Predictive Monitoring. While connected devices are monitored in real time, service history records are used for analyzing the performance of non-connected devices. Continuous asset monitoring assists in failure prediction, which helps in preventing downtime, reducing high truck-roll costs. and improving the first-time fix rate.

  • Asset visualization
  • Alarms and notifications
  • Advanced algorithms generate insights

Bruviti Chatbot

Using natural language processing (NLP) engine and search algorithms, Bruviti Chatbot helps customer support teams ask meaningful questions for better understanding of customer issues. It applies smart search tools and a dynamic, algorithm-based decision tree to generate a shortlist of results that quickly resolve issues, boost contact-center agent efficiency and improve quality of customer interaction.

  • Natural-language processing (NLP)
  • AI-based decision tree
  • Case-based reasoning (CBR)

Bruviti Live Help

Bruviti Live Help brings your service technicians and technical experts closer to the root of the problem in real time. Using the latest in augmented reality (AR) technology, field technicians can use their smartphones or tablets to interact virtually with technical experts and collaborate to solve complex issues and improve field productivity.

  • Real-time annotations
  • Seamless live streaming
  • Freeze frame and recording

Bruviti Parts Predictor

The Bruviti Parts Predictor application optimizes inventory levels and forecasts demand by tracking service records through machine and business data analysis. Maintaining optimum stock levels ensures that service technicians carry the right parts to solve a customer complaint thereby reducing MTTR and improving customer relationships.

  • Smart inventory control
  • Demand forecasting tools
  • Machine and business data analysis

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