Announcing the Bruviti SmartService Pack for Home Appliances

New turnkey solution provides advanced appliance fault diagnostics for extended warranty companies, home warranty companies, and their service contractor networks.

By Andy Chinmulgund

When a home appliance stops working, what are your options? If it’s still under the factory warranty, you’ll likely call the retailer and schedule a service call. Outside of the factory warranty (and of course after first carefully studying the user manual!), most consumers will likely turn to the manufacturer’s website for assistance. 

There, they may find a self-help virtual assistant which, if they’re lucky, will be powered by Bruviti’s AI service technology. Or, they’ll call the manufacturer’s service center where, again, Bruviti technology may assist the agent with fault diagnostics, remedial action, and scheduling a service call — with, of course, the right part on the truck.

But what if the consumer did not actually purchase the appliance, for example when the appliance was included with the kitchen in a home sale? In this case, it’s quite likely that all the appliances in the home are covered by a home warranty. So, the consumer calls the home warranty company for help getting the unit up and running.

From the consumer’s perspective, this call should be no different than calling the manufacturer. For a home warranty company, this presents a challenge: how to deliver customer satisfaction while minimizing costs. 

“Because they cover a vast array of home appliance brands and product categories, warranty companies and independent service providers face a significant challenge to quickly diagnose a customer’s specific machine issue,” says Mike Frosch, president of Personal Safeguards Group. “There’s a clear need for a solution that can help home warranty and service companies deliver a better consumer experience and reduce costs.”

To help home warranty and extended warranty companies provide better technical support to owners of a wide range of appliances from all the leading brands, Bruviti has just announced the Bruviti SmartService Pack for Home Appliances.

This new offering synthesizes Bruviti’s extensive home appliance diagnostic and repair knowledge into a comprehensive AI-powered application that enables service contract providers to quickly diagnose and fix home appliances while at the same time containing costs. In some cases, the system can save a truck roll, addressing health and safety concerns for both service technicians and consumers.

The Bruviti SmartService Pack for Home Appliances provides support for all major home appliance vendors and includes core functionality from our suite of AI service products: Agent Assist, Tech Assist, Customer Assist, and Parts Prediction.

How the Bruviti SmartService Pack works

In response to any problem description typed in plain English, step-by-step guidance is provided to help a contact-center representative resolve a technical issue. If the problem requires a service intervention, the system can schedule a repair technician while providing precise repair instructions and detailed parts lists, or instead provide instructions for replacement of an unserviceable product. In every case, Bruviti’s system will get to the root of the problem and identify the most cost-effective approach to resolve the issue.

Cost savings delivered by the Bruviti SmartService Pack for Home Appliances include:

  1. Zero integration costs—delivered as an SaaS application.
  2. Fast time to value — diagnoses and solves a wide array of appliance problems.
  3. Improves first-time fix rates and boosts customer experience.
  4. Increases call saves and reduces truck rolls.

To learn more about the Bruviti SmartService Pack, set up a discussion with our sales team.